George "Pappy" Spears
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Pappy was considered Mr. Ohio softball by the Ohio amateur Softball Association of America. He was involved ASA softball from the time it was recognized as the Governing Body of Softball in 1933. He served in many positions during his 70 years of his involvement with ASA. He served as District Commissioner, District #4 Commissioner, Ohio Hall of Fame Committee, and on the Butler County Softball Hall of Fame Committee. He has been inducted into the Ohio ASA, Butler County Sports, and the Butler County Softball Hall of Fame's.

He was the Tournament Director for the first ASA National Menís Class A Fastpich Tournament, National Womenís Class A, and B Slowpitch Tournaments. Pappy also hosted many ASA State Tournaments in Adult, Men, Women, and Youth in Fastpitch, Slowpitch, as well as hosting the Ohio ASA State Hall of Fame Banquets.

He coached fastpitch softball for 5 decades winning at least one Ohio State Menís Fastpitch Major Championship in each decade. He has had over 30 players and coaches who played under him inducted into the Ohio ASA Softball Hall of Fame.

Pappyís playing days were over after being injured during WWII while in the Pacific, serving in the United States Marine Corps. He came back and tried to play softball again but had to hang up his cleats after re-injuring his back in 1947. He also played with just just part of a left hand, after an accident when he was 13 years old. He lost his thumb, and the first two fingers, but he never that never stopped him from becoming a great softball player. After back surgery he started coaching the game he loved fastlpich softball. He continued that until 1991 coaching the Hawks in the National Major Fastlpitch ASA Tournament.

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